Athena Pure Valuation | Profitability

Investment Philosophy

The Athena Pure Valuation | Profitability Portfolio is a single strategy concentrated equity portfolio designed to take advantage of systematic and predictable behavioral mistakes inherent in a specific segment of the US equity market. Athena believes screening individual equities based on a combination of dividends, company leverage, and sell-side analyst opinion of future earnings potential, the portfolio can identify opportunites which are currently out-of-favor but which offer above-average price appreciation in the future. The portfolio believes the most attractive opportunities are companies which pay a dividend, have a considerable amount of leverage, but which have high expected future earning expectations relative to the current price. The portfolio may invest in companies of all market capitalizations with the exception of micro-caps.

Investment Strategy

The portfolio manager invests in stocks which pay dividends and have attractive valuation ratios along with leveraged balance sheets. Such stocks tend to be overlooked by investors and often can be purchased at attractive valuations. Each month, stocks are screened based on balance sheet, projected earnings, revenues, dividends, price ratios, and trading volume. The portfolio prefers stocks which are strategy categorized as either Valuation or Profitability and sector diversification is used to decrease industry concentration risk.


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