Athena Managed Equity

Investment Philosophy

Athena Managed Equity is a multi-strategy "Best of Athena" blended equity portfolio. The Athena Pure Valuation | Profitability strategy is a concentrated equity portfolio designed to take advantage of behavioral mistakes in a specific segment of the US equity market. The Athena Dividend Income Equity is a US dividend equity strategy that uses patented behavioral research to identify the best ideas of the best managers for stock selection. The Athena Global Tactical ETFs strategy uses patented behavioral research to determine the most attractive equity markets and capitalization ranges in which to invest on a global basis to provide tactical exposure. If the expected return in a market is high enough, leverage may be used and if no markets are attractive the portfolio may invest in cash equivalents.

Investment Strategy

The portfolio employs a combination of specific strategies including concentrated equity, dividend equity and tactical management to achieve its objectives.  An overall allocation is first determined and then specific strategies are selected to meet the portfolio's objective. Strategies and allocations may change over time to provide the most attractive combination of investment opportunities.


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