Athena Global Tactical ETFs

Investment Philosophy

The Athena Global Tactical ETFs Portfolio uses patented behavioral research to measure equity manager and investor behavior to determine the most attractive markets and capitalization ranges in which to invest on a global, tactically unconstrained basis. Our research produces signals which are unique behavioral indicators that we believe are superior to momentum or market valuation techniques in predicting future performance. The portfolio relies on patented behavioral indicators to provide expected returns across equity markets and capitalization levels. If the expected return in a particular market is high enough, the portfolio will utilize leveraged ETFs to take advantage of the opportunity. Conversely, if the expected return is low in all equity markets, the portfolio will take a defensive position in cash equivalents.

Investment Strategy

The portfolio utilizes patented behavioral market indicators to gauge and select broad market-exposure ETFs among various equity markets, market capitalization or cash each month. The portfolio invests in long or leveraged positions within US small, US large or international equities when market indicators are strong. In certain circumstances the position may be leveraged up to twice the market to enhance returns. During weak conditions, the fund can hold up to 100% in cash.


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