Our Unique Behavioral Approach

Our Unique Behavioral Approach

AthenaInvest is a leader in Behavioral Portfolio Management with a patented research process built on a deep academic foundation.  Led by C. Thomas Howard, PhD, CEO and Director of Research, the firm’s unique investment approach is based on proprietary research developed over 35 years of interaction with leading academics and Institutional managers.

AthenaInvest pioneered a formalized framework to apply behavioral finance principles, known as Behavioral Portfolio Management (BPM) to create a unique and systematic way to view asset allocation, investment selection, and tactical management.

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The Athena Team

AthenaInvest has assembled a dynamic team of seasoned professionals with a track record of innovation. Looking at the investing world through the lens of behavior, they are transforming the industry with the application of behavioral science to investing.

Led by C. Thomas Howard, PhD, AthenaInvest combines decades of academic research and a powerful research engine with a of group highly experienced investment professionals.

The team is committed to building long-term wealth for investors with industry leading behavioral investment strategies along with dedicated behavioral advisor support designed to create real value and differentiation.

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Patented Behavioral Investment Process

Patented Behavioral Investment Process

AthenaInvest’s portfolio-building process is informed by the company’s proprietary, patented database, comprising comprehensive fund and stock data going back to 1997. Free of survivor bias, this robust database of managers, holdings and securities allows us to conduct broad investment research on behavioral factors using large data sets over long time horizons.

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Behavioral Wealth Advisor Viewpoints

For Advisors that want to become Behavioral Wealth Advisors by incorporating behavioral finance into their practice we offer dedicated advisor support designed to create real value and differentiation. Behavioral Veiwpoints, looks at the investing world through the lens of behavior to provide actionable behavioral insights which are intended to help advisors and investors gain a deeper understanding of how behavior shapes the investing landscape.

  • Research and data-driven behavioral insights to guide client conversations

  • Practical application of behavioral finance to portfolio construction, management and analysis

  • Ideas, guides and materials designed to differentiate and grow your practice

  • Current market conditions from the Behavioral, Economic, Valuation, and Technical perspectives

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Investment Management Solutions

Industry leading behavioral investment strategies.



    Tactical market rotation strategy designed to invest in the right market at the right time.



    Tactical strategy designed to rotate among markets based on investor behavior.



    Focused deep-​value strategy designed to generate long-term​ performance.

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