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The Behavioral Wealth Advisor Education Resources

A behavioral wealth advisor (BWA) takes a holistic and proactive approach to wealth management, creating a behavioral discipline throughout the client service model that is designed to increase the client’s confidence, minimize behavioral biases and improve long-term wealth. 

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Behavioral Wealth Advisor Practice Model

These resources provide guidance on how a needs-based plan can function as a foundation to help minimize overreaction to volatility and challenging markets like we’re experiencing today.  There are also suggested approaches to the discovery process, ongoing client communication, education and behavioral coaching as well as other areas of the client service model. 

The BWA approach has proven to help advisors improve both client relationships and client retention. Additionally, having an explicit behavioral positioning will differentiate your practice and help to attract and acquire higher- net-worth clients.

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Behavioral Advisor Perspectives and Practices Series:

Behavioral Advisor Perspectives and Practices: Stay Invested Through the Rocky Bottom

Behavioral Advisor Perspectives and Practices: Responding vs. Reacting

Behavioral Advisor Perspectives and Practices for Uncharted Waters

Behavioral Advisor Articles: 

Invest For The Decade, Not The Year

The Best Strategies for Building Wealth

Putting Market Declines In Perspective


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