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Behavioral Advisor Perspectives and Practices for Uncharted Waters

These are uncertain times. We work with great advisors that have shared their observations and resources with us and we thought you might find some of this helpful.

This Time is Actually Different

  1. We have not seen a global health crisis with such broad impact.
  2. We have not seen a market decline this rapid and severe.
  3. The ultimate outcome of events is still largely unknown.

Focusing on What You Can Control

  1. Discussions with clients can lead to better outcomes when redirected back to established long-term plans. Some specific topics include:Does the client have immediate financial needs over the next 30 – 90 days that aren’t currently being met? If so, do only what is necessary to satisfy those needs and no more. 
  2. In heightened market volatility, large changes to asset allocation in excess of 20% should be avoided. This precludes selling all or most of a stock portfolio after it has declined significantly in value. This also precludes trying to “call the bottom” and wholesale getting into the market from cash.
  3. Asset allocation decisions should be made in context of the client’s long-term plan and not in response to equity prices.

What We Believe

Humanity has overcome world wars, famines, pandemics, inflation, policy errors, and financial market crises. We have every confidence we will get through this too.
A perspective of hope and optimism serves us better than one of fear.

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