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A Behavioral Approach to Portfolio Construction - Education Resources

A behavioral approach to portfolio construction views the investment management process through the lens of behavior. Just as successful advisors create a reassuring behavioral client experience, investment professionals can infuse behavioral factors throughout the portfolio management process.


Strategy, Consistency and Conviction: A Behavioral Approach to Portfolio Construction 

These resources provide guidance on applying behavioral science to portfolio construction using a formalized framework known as Behavioral Portfolio Management.


On-Demand Webinar: Strategy, Consistency and Conviction: A Behavioral Approach to Portfolio Construction


Presentation: Strategy, Consistency and Conviction: A Behavioral Approach to Portfolio Construction

 IWIBWA Cover  

IWI Article: Harnessing Behavioral Factors in the Investment Process: Behavioral Factors for Picking Equity Managers and Stocks

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Behavioral Wealth Advisor Article: From Plan to Portfolio

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The Behavioral Wealth Advisor Education Resources

Behavioral Analyst Webinars

Return of the Active Manager: A Behavioral Approach

Behaviors Move Markets: How this Proven Behavioral Tactical Strategy Capitalizes on Opportunities

Behavioral Analyst Articles

Behavioral Finance Applied: Strategies, not style boxes

Investment Strategy: Strategy-Based Framework Improves on Style Grid

Investment Strategy: A Powerful New Foundation

Investment Strategy: Strategy-Based Portfolio Construction

Investment Strategy: Identify the Best Active Equity Funds

Investment Strategy: When Does Stock Picking Work?

Investment Strategy: The Best Ideas of the Best Funds

Investment Strategy: Strategy Preference Can Indicate Expected Stock Market Return

Can Behavioral Factors Improve Tactical Performance?

Interview: Proven Tactical Allocation Strategy Driven by Behavioral Crowds

Why Most Equity Mutual Funds Underperform and How to Identify Those that Outperform

Behavioral Advisor Articles

The Best Strategies for Building Wealth

How Long Can A Good Fund Look Bad?

Is Your Portfolio Global Mush?

Why Stocks Aren't Risky

Diversify by Strategy to Stay on Track

Use Needs Rather than Fear for Allocation

Look Beyond Cost for Active Management

Exceptional Performance is Turbulent

Behavioral Finance Books by C. Thomas Howard PhD

Behavioral Portfolio Management: How successful investors master their emotions and build superior portfolios by C. Thomas Howard PhD

Return of the Active Manager: How to apply behavioral finance to renew and improve investment management by C. Thomas Howard PhD and Jason A. Voss, CFA

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