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Webinar - Return of the Active Manager: A Behavioral Approach

Recent volatility illustrates how the markets truly are “human institutions” and shows the impact of emotional crowds. Listen in to explore the effect of investor behavior on active equity returns and discover ways to generate alpha by restructuring various aspects of investment management using behavioral factors. Learn proven techniques from manager selection, to security analysis, to portfolio management.

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Webinar - Return of the Active Manager: A Behavioral Approach


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Join AthenaInvest’s C. Thomas Howard, PhD, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, an industry thought-leader in behavioral finance and a leading behavioral portfolio manager. He is joined by Steve Bogosian, Director of Sales at AthenaInvest.
Designed for:  Advisors or equity teams who wish to become truly active and strive to generate alpha for investors.  

Key Take-aways:

  • Understand the markets as “human institutions” with many pricing anomalies created by investor behavior, particularly with the recent increase in market volatility.
  • Reconsider conventional practices that can hurt active equity returns.
  • Learn how evaluating manager behavior can be predictive of future performance.
  • Recognize closet index funds and how to avoid trading like a closet index manager.
  • Hear valuable tips to manage client behaviors that can help create long-term wealth.
  • Explore how behavioral factors are used in AthenaInvest’s active equity investing.  

Return of the Active Manager

How to apply behavioral finance to renew and improve investment management.

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In this groundbreaking new book, investing and behavioural finance experts Thomas Howard and Jason A. Voss fill this void and show the new way ahead for investment managers and advisors. Return of the Active Manager provides a set of tools for investment professionals to overcome and take advantage of behavioral biases.

Across seven compelling chapters, Return of the Active Manager details actionable advice on topics such as behaviourally-enhanced fundamental analysis, active equity fund evaluation and selection, harnessing big data, and investment firm structure. You learn how to exploit behavioural price distortions, how to recognize and avoid behavioural biases (in both yourself and clients), how to extract behavioral insights from the executives of prospective investments, and how manager behaviour can be used to predict future fund performance.

An indispensable tool, Return of the Active Manager rationalizes the financial markets and prescribes actionable strategies that build on the lessons of behavioural finance. 



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