The Active Equity Renaissance

The Active Equity Renaissance is a series of posts by AthenaInvest's Founder and CIO, C. Thomas Howard, PhD, and Jason A. Voss, CFA, retired co-Portfolio Manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. It proposes an alternative to modern portfolio theory (MPT), and pokes holes in MPT’s underlying assumptions. Ways to improve active management returns are discussed throughout.

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Reframing Performance with Better Charts

Most people rely on the mountain chart, a line or area chart which shows the growth of an investment over time, as a basis for evaluating performance. This type of presentation, which emphasizes volatility, timing, and emotionally charged events like 2008 has inherent biases that distort how we view performance and obscures the real long-term probability of a successful outcome.

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The Active Equity Renaissance: New Frontiers of Risk

One modern portfolio theory (MPT) pillar that is unquestionably broken is the use of volatility, specifically standard deviation, as a measure of risk, Jason Voss, CFA, and C. Thomas Howard write in the latest edition of The Active Equity Renaissance series. This initial error in MPT's development is a major contributor to active investment management underperformance...

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